For over 120 years and through 5 generations, the Javaherian family has been in the jewelry industry. During the Qajar Dynasty in Iran, the First Generation Javaherian was The Shah's (King’s) jeweler.

The Javaherian family of jewelers has built a strong reputation of providing excellent quality jewelry to their customers, while maintaining a philosophy of integrity, honesty, and personal service. For us, jewelry is a tradition in which we take pride. It is for this simple reason that Javaherian has become a trusted name in fine jewelry among customers that we have been privileged to serve all over the globe.

Negin Javaherian is the oldest granddaughter of the fifth generation. Negin is passionate about jewelry design and started her career in the field back in 2008 after graduating with business and marketing degrees. Negin travelled to Thailand for two years and studied Gemology and Jewelry Design at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Negin’s graduation project won top prize in her collage in 2010. Negin then moved to Canada and opened her first jewelry store with her brother as a family business in Toronto and Vancouver.